How to Take Care of Your Snake Bite Proof Leather Boots?

How to Take Care of Your Snake Bite Proof Leather Boots

Like with other pricey possessions that people prefer to keep for a longer time, it is essential to do boot maintenance regularly.

If you know how to take care of your snake bite proof leather boots, then these boots will be with you for a prolonged time and prove to be an essential lifelong investment.

The unique features of snake boots make them special and demand some repair and maintenance work.

This maintenance can save your life too as by wearing the snake-proof boots with poor maintenance will possess some severe threats to your life in wilderness or snake-infested areas.

In this article, you will explore some of the fantastic methods of doing so.

How to Take Care of Your Snake Bite Proof Leather Boots?

Maintenance of such boots is essential. If you keep using them without any proper maintenance, they will fail soon.

Caring for the boots will keep them in good order.

The main steps of maintaining such boot are:

  1. Getting the appropriate conditioner and cleaner
  2. Cleaning the boots
  3. Applying conditioner on them
  4. Drying out the boots

Also, you need to take special care of the waterproof snake proof boots.

Boot Leather

You need to know the material of the leather of your boots as the method of maintaining the boots vary according to the boot material.

Cowhide Leather

Remove the dust with a wet cloth or a soft brush.

During the leather’s wet state, apply a conditioner on the boots that rejuvenate their quality.

Avoid using the heavy-coated conditioners that clog the pores of the leather.

Finish off a with a neutral shoe cream that will bring shine to the leather

Naked Finish or Suede Leather

Firstly remove the dust using a soft nylon brush.

Don’t use any conditioner on such type of leather.

Using conditioner for these leather will result in discoloring it, and it will result in a poor quality of boots.

Instead, you can use water strain protector.

Exotic Leather

At the first place, eliminate the dirt on the boots.

Use a cloth to apply coats of reptile conditioner. Then leave the boots to dry out.

Afterward softly pad the boots, using a soft cloth.

This way, the leather won’t wear out quickly.

Oil Impregnated Leather

Remove the dirt. Then apply oil replenishing conditioners. This will help in maintaining the high quality of boots.

Caring For Boots

Polishing the Boots

Although polishing the boots isn’t essential, but doing so will increase the overall smoothness of your boots.

Boot Bag

It is advisable to keep the boots in a boot bag while traveling to protect them.


Avoid using the soap on the boots as it will dry out the leather.

Polishing and Protecting

Apply polish on the boot in a circular motion do then allow them to dry

Afterward, you can buff using a clean cloth.

Dirt Repellant Spray

As you use moisture for your skin, your boots need a dirt repellent spray. This helps in impregnating the surface.

It also protects from grease, moisture, and dirt.

Avoid Marks and Wrinkles on Boots

You can also hang the boots in a holder or a clamp.

Wipe of Marks and Strains

If you don’t wipe off the stains and marks from the boots, then they will result in permanent stains.

Use a sponge or a moist cloth to remove them. You can also brush the strains away.

Post Maintenance

Reaping Holes and Tears

To repair the tears and holes, clean the boots thoroughly. It is essential to ensure that there is no dirt present on the boots.

Adhesive Surface

You can use sandpaper and alcohol to texture the surface.

Rub around the boots using sandpaper.

Then put some alcohol on the cotton cloth and wipe that area.

Even out Tears

Even out tears are a big issue to repair.

You can trim the rough parts and even out the tears using a pair of scissors.

These tears made should be straight so that they look impressive when dry.

Leather Patching

You need to trim a piece of leather according to the size of the cut on boots.

Get a bigger piece than the cut so that it covers appropriately.

Apply some waterproof glue on the edges of the piece and stick it on the torn area with some pressure.


The techniques explained above offer guaranteed results. They will prolong the life and quality of your boots.

It is good to clean the boots after every instance of wear. Wipe them with a cloth and store them in a cool location.

This way, they will surely offer you effective protection from poisonous creatures for a longer time.

All in all, by following the above points, you can take care of your snake bite proof boots easily and efficiently.

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